Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers 

Quantib provides cutting-edge medical image quantification software and custom software and biomarker services for radiologists, researchers, and neurologists. Our MRI and CT image analysis software enables physicians and researchers to extract imaging biomarkers in a wide range of body sites for more accurate, faster, and cost-effective diagnoses.

Quantib’s clinically-validated algorithms have been tested on over 10,000 scans in the Rotterdam Scan Study dataset.


The Rotterdam Scan Study is a research project of the Department of Epidemiology, Erasmus MC, a leading European academic medical center. Our solutions are ISO-13485:2012 certified.

Quantib software detects and objectively measures longitudinal changes in tissues and structures in the following body sites:

• Abdominal
• Cardiovascular
• Lung
• Musculoskeletal
• Neuro(vascular)

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Quantib solutions can be integrated into existing software or added as separate modules and can be client branded. We also provide custom biomarker solutions by body site and/or disease target.

For additional information, please email or call us at (+31) 108 41 17 49.


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